This recruitment website design was for, a recruitment agency that was looking for a sleek, modern aesthetic that both looked good, and was also highly functional. They wanted a site that was easy to access, but not boring and simple. Here’s what we came up with…

Layout and accessibility

We think one of the most unique aspects of the i4recruitment site is how it caters towards both employers and employees, i.e. candidates looking for jobs, and clients looking for candidates. The website isn’t arbitrarily split into 5 other sites, which would only confuse the person trying to use the site. We designed the site so that everything is all complied together in a nice package with a metaphorical ribbon on top. There are easy-to-find links to any part of the website a user might need. This includes uploading CV’s, job searching, reviewing salaries, etc. This makes the site easy to navigate for every kind of visitor.

graphic design

Like we said earlier, we wanted the site to both functional and aesthetically pleasing. So when it came to the design of the website itself, we had a great idea of what to do.

We made sure to maintain a professional, corporate design while still making the website welcoming to the average person. We did this by incorporating warm, bright imagery on many of the pages to reflect that sense of welcoming and opportunity that the site wants to promote. While this imagery may be slightly less formal, it doesn’t take away from the overall polished delineation of the site. It also shows the perfect balance between the friendly and business-like aspects of i4recruiment.

colouring & fonts

We wanted the site’s design to stay true to the key guidelines of i4recruitment, and we achieved that perfectly.

The dark blues and blacks of the site blend perfectly with the gleaming white background, making for a lustrous design that gives a professional feel without being showy-offy. This design is carried trough to every individual page, making for a website that feels congenial and harmonious.

The various fonts used across the site also give off a professional attitude; sleek and modern without being flamboyant and too bold. This also keep with the i4recruitment branding, which is key to the design of the site as a whole.

Overall, we were extremely pleased with how the recruitment website design looked by the end of the design process!

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