When Tom Lawrence, a leadership and personal growth expert, approached us to design the cover for his new eBook, “Increase Your Influence”, we knew straight away what direction we wanted to take the design process.

We were given this brief: “E-Book cover design required for a leadership E-Book called “Increase Your Influence”. Now at first you may think, “That’s pretty simple”, which it is… If you’re lazy, something that would be reflected in the final design. But we are not lazy.

So many self-help books have the same rigid, boring, tame designs; you know exactly the type we’re talking about. They all have the same flat-coloured backgrounds with simplistic shapes and computer-generated graphics. And we didn’t want our design to fall into the trap of being plain and uninspired, not only for the consumer’s sake, but for Tom’s sake, as we wanted a superb design to reflect a superb book. So, here’s what we did to make our design be more idiosyncratic, and make it stand out from the rest of the crowd…

The eBook cover design inspiration

As previously mentioned, so many self-help books have almost identical backgrounds. They’re just…plain. Just a singular colour with text over the top. So we decided to add something to actually look at. But what could we do to catch the attention of the reader, while maintaining a contemporary look?

We incorporated combined photographic imagery with vector graphics, to create a background that gives the consumer something to focus on, while still remaining sleek and modern. The dark blue tint on the image also means that it doesn’t stand out from the rest of the cover like a sore thumb; instead, it beautifully blends into the cover while still standing out just enough to catch the eye of the consumer.

Second, let’s discuss the incorporation of waves into the cover.

We spoke earlier of the rigidness of the designs for most self-help books. Well what’s any more different to rigid lines than smooth curves and waves? That question is rhetorical of course. 

The waves help this design to break away from the traditionally simple designs of self-help and development eBook covers.

Finally, let’s discuss the fonts used for the text on the cover:

We’ve utilised a nice mix of both serif and sans serif fonts for this cover. Initially, they may not be the most visually exciting fonts, but they add a lot of depth to the cover, representative of the content of the eBook. This depth really makes the title stand out; this striking title is then nicely complimented by the subtitle, which is distinct from the title without stealing the thunder of the title itself.

We were extremely happy with how the final design turned out. All of our ideas and intent had shone through in the finished product, which made us very happy!

Tom Lawrence ebook cover design

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