There’s many reasons to get a website in this technology oriented society. Your website can be tailored to you and your business, allowing your business to develop how you want it to. This article will help you understand the benefits that will come from investing in a website.


Having a website makes your business more credible. Showcase your expertise and provide a well designed introduction to your business. Around 85% of people think a company with a website is more trustworthy than just a social media page. Your site will separate you from other businesses and legitimise yours. Also broadening your reach beyond just the local area bringing in more customers and sales.

Open 24 hours a day

A website allows you to generate money or enquiries in your sleep. Bringing in more visitors, leads and customers. Customers can view your website and make sales without you having to do anything. Even when your staff or yourself are not not available to interact with people looking to do business. Your website is always accessible and able to provide helpful information. Acting as a point of contact or even allow customers to buy your product or services.

Showcase your work

It can be difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition. Having a website that showcases your work in the layout that best suits you. Enables you to have your own online space to share your story, successes and products to the world. Approximately 82% of the population use the internet for business. When someone is looking for a product on Google they could see the work you’ve done leading to more recognition.

“Social media does everything I need”

While social media offers a world of business opportunities, you don’t own it. Meaning if you go against there guidelines you can lose all your hard work and content. Using the Instagram shop feature you could lose your only source of income. With a website you control your online presence. As Google is the most used search engines. Using only social media limits your reach and earning potential.

“Social media is free to use, a website isn’t”

While many people use social media, your missing out on opportunities and sales by not investing in a website. An SEO optimised website means you have a chance of showing up in Google search results. When a potential customer is looking for a product or service there is a chance your website will show in the results. Growing your customer base. Leading to customers and sales that may not have found you if you just used social media.


A lot of things that would previously take up money and time are now being automated. Instead of having someone or yourself take bookings. You can easily have this integrated into your website. Now you no longer need to waste time and money on It.

Customer service is really important. Instead replying to every query a customer may have you can have a chat bot on your website. Customers can use this and have their questions answered quickly and efficiently. You can also have a “contact us” button on your website to allow customers to email you with questions. If you’re attracting a lot of traffic, this can quickly get overwhelming. As response times will impact possible sales, When a potential customer reaches out. Your automation software can respond immediately with a pre-written template. Made to sound like a human has just read the email and responded to them.

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